Guest Post of Fassbach/Wettich in the international Blog “The D&O Diary”, 24/11/2016The 101 of Litigation Funding in the German D&O-Claims Arena

“One of the most significant recent developments in the litigation environment has been the rise of third-party litigation funding. However, as I noted in a recent post, the impact of litigation funding has varied from jurisdiction to jurisdiction based on differences in the local law. In the following guest post, Burkhard Fassbach, a German attorney and D&O Advisor to the Frankfurt-based MRH TROWE Brokerage Group, and Carsten Wettich, a founding partner of Berner Fleck Wettich, a Dusseldorf-based corporate law firm, take a look at litigation funding environment in German and its impact on the D&O claims arena there.”

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JUVE handbook German Commercial Law Firms (GCLF) 2017Berner Fleck Wettich again included in JUVE handbook

The corporate law boutique Berner Fleck Wettich has been included again by „JUVE Verlag für juristische Information“ in the JUVE handbook German Commercial Law Firms (region West Germany / Duesseldorf) in its ranking for corporate and M&A practice.


This respected Düsseldorf firm specializes in advice to executive and supervisory boards, as well as to large Mittelstand and family-led companies. In the local market, the boutique’s USP is its small size.

Strenghts: Corporate, M&A

Recommended: Dr. Thilo Fleck (“quick, pragmatic, clever”, client; “very sound advice”, competitor), Dr. Olaf Berner, Dr. Carsten Wettich (“very good, pragmatic suggestions, solution-oriented”, client; “competent, vigorous and agile in corporate advice”, competitor).

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IFLR1000 Ranking Germany 2017Berner Fleck Wettich again listed in IFLR1000’s 2017 ranking for Corporate and M&A

The corporate law boutique Berner Fleck Wettich has been distinguished by the international law directory IFLR1000 – “The Guide to the World’s Leading Financial Law Firms” for its Corporate and M&A practice and has been ranked in its annual ranking for M&A – Germany 2017.

In the review, IFLR 1000 states:

“It has been only two years since Berner Fleck Wettich was founded by Olaf Berner, Carsten Wettich and Thilo Fleck. The firm has a clear focus on corporate work.

A managing partner from an internet company that did M&A work with the firm says: “They did an excellent job in consulting us, drafting the documents and coordinating the overall process. Their strengths, besides their expertise, are their strong social skills that make the team an excellent choice for negotiation situations.” Another client added: “Brilliant performance, excellent legal and business advisors.”

A chief finance officer from the automotive industry says: “The collaboration was always very good. They provided feedback immediately, covered all topics and came up with practical advice instead of a theoretical analysis. I highly recommend them.”

Carsten Wettich was mentioned for “always providing the client with practical advice”.

Thilio Fleck is praised by clients: “Always accessible, great attention to detail. Thilio thinks beyond the obvious, pulls from his experience of other deals and is always available on short-term notice if important things pop up.” Another says: “Brilliant advisor, excellent in all regards.”

A highlight case saw the team advising the HELIOS Hospital Group in relation to its acquisition of the shareholdings of minority shareholders.”

Financier Worldwide Magazine, November 2016Expert briefing by Burkhard Fassbach and Carsten Wettich: Role and personal liability of supervisory board members in Germany

In the international renowned magazine Financier Worldwide, Burkhard Fassbach, MRH Trowe, and Carsten Wettich, Berner Fleck Wettich, explain that supervisory board members are facing increased liability risks which have been exacerbated in recent years in Germany. In their expert briefing, they give an overview of the tasks of the Supervisory Board in Germany and the personal liability of its members.

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JUVE, 17/10/2016LEG sells about 2,000 apartments to Pro­prium and Forte

Advisor LEG
Berner Fleck Wettich (Duesseldorf): Dr. Olaf Berner, Dr. Thilo Fleck (beide Corporate/M&A; beide Federführung)
Sullivan & Cromwell (Frankfurt): Dr. Max Birke (Finanzierung)
Inhouse Recht (Duesseldorf): Dr. Volker Wiegel (General Counsel), Dr. Thomas Netz (M&A), Steffen Lingen

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Legal Tribune Online, 07/10/2016LEG sells about 2,000 apartments to Pro­prium and Forte

LEG Immobilien AG sold about 2,000 apartmens in Marl to a fonds managed by Proprium Capital Partners and to the German Forte Group. The law firm Berner Fleck Wettich comprehensively advised LEG on this transaction.

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Capital, 05/10/2016“KTG: 60 Mio. Euro aus Managerversicherung?” with quote by Olaf Berner

Olaf Berner talks about the personal liability of Management Board and Supervisory Board members and D&O-insurance.

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Handelsblatt No. 136, 18/07/2016“Profite mit dem Elend der Anderen” with quote by Carsten Wettich

Legal Tribune Online, 03/08/2016Median acquires rehab provider AHG

The health care company Median and its majority shareholder, the Private-Equity comnpany Waterland, acquire the rehab provider AHG. Hengeler Mueller, Glade Michel Wirtz and Berner Fleck Wettich advise on this transaction. […]

Carsten Wettich, founding partner of Berner Fleck Wettich advises the CFO of AHG Allgemeine Hospitalgesellschaft on its duty of care with regard to the sales process. The CFO acted as lead manager in the sales process.

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JUVE, 01/08/2016Berner Fleck Wettich advises CFO of AHG Allgemeine Hospitalgesellschaft on sales process of AHG Group

Carsten Wettich, co-founder of the boutique law firm Berner Fleck Wettich, advises the CFO of AHG Allgemeine Hospitalgesellschaft, who led the sales process, on its duty of care.

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