Corporate Litigation

Our advice extends to the enforcement of the rights of our clients in the field of corporate law. This captures both, amicable settlement as well as legal enforcement and defense of claims.


Dispute resolution in case of shareholder disputes.

We also focus on resolutions of disputes between shareholders, and also between the company and shareholders (including disputes regarding the existence and scope of shareholder rights, the competences and composition of management boards, supervisory boards, advisory boards and shareholders‘ committees, the exclusion/ withdrawal of shareholders and severance payments, as well as the transfer/ disposal of shares). In conflict situations, we act as an intermediary during the early stages; however, if necessary, we will pursue legal actions in court.


Disputes regarding deficiencies of shareholders’ resolutions.

We advise and represent companies in shareholders actions (including fast track proceedings and special judicial appraisal proceedings), in particular following shareholder meetings and corporate restructurings and corporate structural measures.