Journal GWR, edition 15/2020, p. 302 Current article of Carsten Wettich on the participation of the member of the Executive Board in his own authorisation to carry out certain transactions in the light of recent jurisprudence of Higher Regional Court of Bamberg

Dr. Carsten Wettich (Berner Fleck Wettich) deals in issue 15/2020 of the magazine “GWR” with the participation of the board member in his own authorization to carry out certain transactions. In its decision, the Bamberg Higher Regional Court commented on the question of whether the Executive Board member to be authorised can participate in the authorisation himself and, in the case of genuine joint representation, even has to participate in the two-member Executive Board. Dr. Carsten Wettich explains the consequences of the decision for practice.

Practical seminar “The family foundation in practice” on 14/09/2020 in Frankfurtwith Thilo Fleck as speaker for current issues in foundation law

As in previous years, the seminar on the tax and foundation law support of family foundations in practice, organised by the FORUM together with the law firms Peters, Schöneberger & Partner from Munich and Berner Fleck Wettich from Düsseldorf, will take place in Frankfurt on 14 September 2020. Dr. Thilo Fleck lectures on foundation law topics, including the legal position of beneficiaries and foundation bodies (employment, remuneration, liability) as well as on the maintenance of the articles of association, structural change and reform of foundation law. The effects of the corona crisis on family foundations are also examined.

If you are interested in the event, please contact us for a discount on the participation fee for clients of Berner Fleck Wettich.

You can find more information (in German) about the event and the possibilities of registration here.

Journal WPg edition 9/2020, p. 535Current article of Carsten Wettich on virtual general, shareholder and member meetings in times of COVID-19

Dr. Carsten Wettich (Berner Fleck Wettich) deals in issue 9/2020 of the journal “WPg” with virtual general, shareholder and member meetings in times of COVID-19.
The initial restrictions or contact bans imposed in Germany to combat the COVID-19 pandemic make it difficult or even impossible to hold general, shareholders’ and members’ meetings. It is currently not foreseeable how long these protective measures will remain in place. The legislator has reacted quickly to this and has given companies more possibilities to hold virtual meetings without the physical presence of shareholders or members. These are indeed arrangements limited to one year. However, the experience gained will continue to shape practice beyond the COVID 19 pandemic.