Fees | Cost Management


As partner-led boutique, consisting of a well interacting team without any need for coordination, our work is characterized by high efficiency. Due to our specialization and a long-standing expertise in the corporate law field, we do exactly know what we do and how we do it. Familiarization times are alien to us. Our clients can measure at any time our high standards, which we place upon ourselves.



We consider us as entrepreneurs. Thus, our fee structure is flexible and, together with our clients, we choose the appropriate fee model. Aside from billing based on the number of hours worked, we also agree lump sums or put our fees to our clients’ discretion while our work is being measured by our clients’ satisfaction and their gained added value. In adequate cases we render pro bono legal services as well.



Detailed time records and job descriptions are equally self-evident as an open and regular communication concerning the fees accrued.



On a regular basis, we discuss with our clients the expected fees for individual phases or projects and analyze the actual expenditure after closing of a project.